Get out of your head and into your body!

Cleanse your emotions and express yourself through movement.
You don't need to be a dancer...
I'll guide you and you'll have plenty of room to improvise and explore.

Come home: to your body, to your senses, to inhabiting every inch of your life. 
You'll walk out of class glowing, at home in your own skin...and loving yourself beyond belief!

JourneyDance™ Events + Workshops

The JourneyDance™ Experience
Thursday, March 9, 7-8:30pm
Thursday, April 13, 7-8:30pm
Thursday, May 11, 7-8:30pm
Thursday, June 8, 7-8:30pm
$15 pre-registered or $17 at the door
Wilkie Wellness (2614 6th Ave), Regina SK

When is the last time you really let yourself drop in, let your body lead and move to your heart's desire? Join us in a JourneyDance™ of release and renewal as we self-connect, feel the strength of our bodies and dance our heart's deeper expression. Practiced to inspiring music, this dance is an empowering journey of self-acceptance and transformation. Supported by thematic self-inquiry, imagination and movement suggestions, we emerge from the dance floor clear, focused, inspired, connected and energized.



JourneyDance™: The Sensual Soul Series
Wednesdays, 5-7pm, March 1 - 22, $67
QVCA (Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts) Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

In this heart opening and power claiming series, you will be guided to experience yourself as a powerful, sensual being and deepen your capacity for joy and connection. Release judgement, awaken your intuition and freely express your sensual soul to move into a new story of self love and care. We listen to our heart’s callings and become open and present to the abundance of love that surrounds us. Come warm your heart and deepen your capacity for joy and connection. Awaken to yourself as an intuitive sensual being. As you dance and move your way through this series, unlock the weary habits of your past and wholeheartedly celebrate the luscious present. Discover your true nature through the energetic explorations of JourneyDance™


The JourneyDance™ Prayer Circle: Women, Water and Wisdom
Sunday, March 12, 10am-1pm $27
QVCA (Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts) Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

Let’s come together as women in dance and in prayer. Together, we will offer up prayers for the water and tap into the wisdom of women to heal Mother Earth. We will come together in circle and make an offering (a song, a poem, a prayer) before moving into light and playful dance to lift our prayers up and out into the world.


JourneyDance™: The Embodiment Series
Wednesdays, 5-7pm, April 5-26, $67
QVCA (Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts) Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

Come home to your body! In the JourneyDance™ Embodiment Series we get in touch with our bodies’ natural rhythms. We release our thoughts, drop deep into our bodies and let go of stress and pressures. Learn the JourneyDance™ release technique exercises to open up and let go and core strengthening movements for better balance and stability. We get grounded, release, surrender to the earth and feel supported. We take time to slow down, roll and feel our bodies in contact with the floor before moving into fun and playful dance.


Tapping Into Your Body’s Wisdom
Saturday, April 8, 10am-1pm, $47
QVCA (Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts) Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

In this three-hour workshop, we will learn to read and use our own “body compass” for making decisions that will lead us into living our most authentic life. We will start with the JourneyDance™ Embodiment Series to bring our awareness fully into our bodies, and then move into exercises and partner work to understand and “calibrate” our own unique body compass. We will test our body compass in playful and profound ways!


JourneyDance™: The Heart Series
Wednesdays, 5-7pm, May 10-31, $67
QVCA (Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts) Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

Get closer in touch with your heart through movement, dance and energy awareness. Experience life through your open heart and enjoy the art of connecting. In the JourneyDance™ Heart Series, we move in a series of partner and group exercises to open energy flow and energy awareness. Experience the healing and nourishment of this supportive group connection. Come warm your hearts and deepen your capacity for intimacy in this joyful JourneyDance™ Series. *Some light touch and physical contact.


What is JourneyDance™?

The JourneyDance™ Flow leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, you gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure powerful energy. JourneyDance™ calls us to heal, get physical, and connect with our inner resources to step into our highest potential, reconnecting us with our innate states of joy, well-being, and pleasure.

In JourneyDance™, we dance without mirrors to release judgement of ourselves and others. JourneyDance™ is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering and re-discovering your natural intuitive movement. We activate imagination and utilize diverse forms of freestyle improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, theater, and shamanism to a soundtrack of inspiring world music, creating a barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit.

JourneyDance™ is a dance that is facilitated rather than taught. Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitators have completed three modules of intensive training, including instruction in the composition of the JourneyDance™ Flow, a deep exploration of the rituals contained within a JourneyDance™ experience, a personal growth component designed to bring their full selves to their teaching practice, and an apprenticeship program with designated JourneyDance Mentors to ensure full knowledge and understanding of the JourneyDance™ body of work.

About Michelle Brass:
Michelle Brass is a Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator. She has danced and trained with JourneyDance™ Founder and Creator Toni Bergins. She has been leading JourneyDance™ classes, workshops and events since 2014. She infuses her classes and workshops with love, compassion and a joyful sense of humour. Michelle loves freestyle dance and movement, explorations of self-love and healing, and connecting with others through love and laughter.

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